About the company.

Join us in ending the stigma &
transforming sobriety for professionals.

Sober Theory, based in Minneapolis, MN, was founded to address the lack of modern, results-based solutions for alcohol addiction and recovery specifically tailored to people in business, professional and creative roles.

Our mission is to demolish the stigma of being sober.

We exist to help you unlock the best version of yourself by providing education, sobriety and recovery coaching, tools, practical strategies, and support to help you break free from alcohol and navigate sobriety.

Meet our founders.

We are 2 guys with advertising backgrounds whose lives were once heavily influenced by alcohol. Today, we are free from alcohol.
Healthier. Happier. Grateful. We became passionate about recovery and addiction out of necessity (overcoming our own). We are broadening the recovery options available to professionals who want freedom from alcohol.

Chris Aburime - President, Sober Theory

Chris Aburime
President / Co-Founder

Ben Culbert
Vice President / Co-Founder

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