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Why Should I Hire a Recovery Coach?

Our recovery coaches are people who have successfully overcome addiction to alcohol.  They are sober and in long-term recovery and bring the benefit of having experienced many of the struggles with alcohol you're dealing with.

They find joy and fulfillment in helping guide others to sobriety without judgement.  They can help bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Most of our sobriety and recovery coaches have experience and backgrounds in entrepreneurial, business and professional lines of work. We understand the unique challenges and pressures you face, as well as unfair stigmas, and can be a valuable source of wisdom, objectivity, encouragement and experience.

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Who Hires a Recovery Coach?

  • People who want to quit drinking and want 1-on-1 help doing it. 
  • People in early recovery looking for help to navigate life right after becoming sober.
  • People who need a better way to stay sober.
  • People who are in long-term recovery.
  • People looking for something in addition to, or different from, a traditional 12-step program.

People from many walks of life hire recovery coaches to help them stop drinking alcohol, get sober, recover from addiction, and navigate a happy, successful life in sobriety. They don't want alcohol to control their life any longer. They want to upgrade their lifestyle, health and wellbeing. 

Recovery Coaches can be particularly appealing for busy professionals or their spouses, as well as politicians, executives and other high-profile individuals.

  • "Discretion and privacy are important to me."
  • "Everyone relies on me."
  • "I have an intense schedule."
  • "I hold the house and family together."

What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

We focus on uncovering and maximizing your strengths, as opposed to trying to "fix" your weaknesses.  We partner with you to create a strategy and plan so that you can recover in a way that works for you, and step into the person you want to become.

We believe in supporting our clients using tools and strategies that support clear thinking, lifestyle change and goal achievement. A recovery coach is not a therapist or a counselor.  We don't provide mental health diagnosis or medical treatment for addiction.

What are some things a recovery coach can help with?

  • Recommending treatment options to consider
  • Navigating various aspects of life in early and ongoing recovery
  • Strategies to prevent relapse or re-occurrence
  • Providing accountability and support in recovery
  • Tactics and tools to track and measure your recovery and success
  • Helping with goal setting and personal development
  • Strategies and techniques to navigate work events, business meetings, and holidays
  • Navigating personal and professional relationships in recovery
  • Strategies to deal with and avoid triggers
  • Finding new hobbies and healthier, enjoyable activities
  • Healthy lifestyle planning

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