The Sober Operating System®

Recovery programs for busy professionals to thrive without alcohol.

Is the Sober OS® program right for you?


Have you experienced one or more of these issues?

  • Feeling like alcohol might be standing between you and your best life
  • Wondering if you drink too much
  • Getting annoyed when something conflicts with "drinking time"
  • Fixating on getting your next drink
  • Cutting back or quitting never seems to stick, even though you've tried before
  • Feeling a sense of helplessness about drinking

What is the Sober Operating System?


  • Guided video and short lessons

    Watch, learn and grow from Sober OS coaches as well as others who have walked in your shoes and are living proof that sobriety is awesome. Watch whenever, wherever, and as often as you want.

  • Tools and assessments

    Gain clarity and get personalized insight about alcohol’s role and impact on your life. Track your growth, set goals and celebrate your achievements.

  • Recovery community & support

    Exclusive online access to Sober OS Recovery Coaches and members to answer questions, celebrate your wins, give encouragement, share experiences and support your journey.


  • Based on science and action

    Practical guides inspired by the world’s best strategies and frameworks in behavioral change, psychology, and real-world strategy.

  • Clear and proven process

    A clear, rewarding process designed to train your mind and body to break alcohol's control over your life.

  • A field manual for navigating sobriety in the real world

    Tips and tactics for navigating (and enjoying) real world situations and life from the everyday stuff like health and fitness, relationships, career, hobbies, happy hours - to the occasional things like holidays and special occasions.

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